Removal from the Kent Reliance and other lender panels: Why they do it and how to get reinstated

  • Recurring delays in post completion requirements on behalf of Kent Reliance
  • Breaches of Kent Reliance conveyancing panel Terms and Conditions
  • Failure to reapply to be on the Kent Reliance convincing panel
  • Persistent delays in registering security on behalf of Kent Reliance Delays or failure to register the Kent Reliance charge may result in referral to external lawyers of Kent Reliance to complete outstanding requirements.
  • Your firm no longer meets the criteria to remain on the Kent Reliance conveyancing panel

Questions Kent Reliance panel reinstatement firms ask us

  • Does the COLP in my firm need to complete the reinstatement application to the Kent Reliance panel ?
  • Are you able to explain why my firm’s application for reinstatement is rejected?
  • What is the application process to revert back onto the Kent Reliance conveyancing panel?
  • How long does the application process take when applying to be reinstated onto the Kent Reliance conveyancing panel?
  • What will happen if our Kent Reliance panel reinstatement application is declined and our client has a mortgage offer with the Kent Reliance?

Top Tip: The best way to avoid the hassle of seeking Kent Reliance panel reinstatement is to ensure that your firm is not removed off of the Kent Reliance conveyancing panel in the first place.

Note: Subject to certain conditions Lexsure’s experts or consultants can assist in providing you with guidance for reinstatement onto the Kent Reliance conveyancing panel but under no circumstances will Lexsure (or the Conveycentric Team) submit an application to Kent Reliance directly or via their preferred panel manager. Any reinstatement application will have to be made by your firm. For the avoidance of doubt, Lexsure (or the Conveycentric Team) are in no way involved in managing the Kent Reliance conveyancing panel.

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